Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hello Me...It's Me Again!

I've started and restarted this first post like eighteen million times.  It's hard because being the type of person I am, I find it difficult to write about myself.  Well, not hard to write about myself, but to believe that anyone would want to hear me ramble about who I am.  So, for the sake of getting through this first post, I figured I would just "introduce me" to "me" and maybe you all (the imaginary readers of my random little blog) would get to know a little bit about me in the process.  So here it goes.

Tyrese...Please meet Tyrese...

Well, nice to finally meet you, I've heard so much about you!

Really, cause that bitch Tyrese never told me anything about you...

I know, she is such a bitch...

Well, tell me, what did she say about me?  I know how she likes to talk about people behind their backs.

She said you were a hot mess...I mean, that you were nice and ambitious and an overall sweet person.

A hot mess, huh?

Well, she said that you wasted four years going to law school because you thought it was a good career path, but that when you didnt get a job, you gave up.  Is that true?

Yes...but its a bad market out there!

Oh, I see.

What else did she say?

She said nothing else...dont worry about what she said.  Whats going on now?  How you doing right now?

[narrowed, skeptical eyes] I'm writing a book!

Really?...She mentioned that.

Mmm...Hmm...elaborate please...

Well she said that you started writing young adult novels.  You've been obsessed with it really.  Her words, not mine!

Ah!  Well, I have.  It's been one of the few things in my life recently, other than Luna Poo and Dear Husband that have made me pretty darn happy these days.  You want to hear about it?

NO!  No...I want to wait...yeah...let me wait till it gets published and then I will read it.  I will read it!


Well, it was nice meeting you, Tyrese.

You too, Tyrese.

Take care and tell that other bitch Tyrese that I'm looking for her!  Talking shit!

Now that THAT' is out of the way I can go on to say that this blog will be about all things that interest me right now.  Mainly writing and the journey of finishing my first novel and (prayerfully) getting it published.