Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Road Trip Wednesday: What's Your "Love" List?

I have been stalking reading YA Highway for a good little while now, ever since I decided I wanted to write Young Adult literature.  Every Wednesday they post blog prompts and every Wednesday I would read them, think of my own answer, and then sigh because poor me didn't have a blog of her own (boo freaking hoo).

But Not Today!  Oh Happpy Day!  This is a Wednesday AND I DO have a blog!  A brand new and shiny blog!

This being its first day and all I figured I would answer the Road Trip Wednesday question because...well I've been waiting to for so long!  And I can use the opportunity to share a little bit about my work in progress (WiP for future reference).

So this week's Road Trip topic, inspired by Stephanie Perkins' post on Natalie Whipple's blog, what is your novel's "Love List?"

Stephanie Perkins,  author of Anna and the French Kiss, has a little tradition that I think I'm going to steal adopt.  She makes a list of the things that she loves about her current WiP to keep her inspired and motivated.  So what is on my "love list?"

Ooooo....this is a good one!

Ok, so my story, novel, whatever, is awesome and I love it because of the following:

The Best Decade Ever: the 90s
Bad (i.e realistic) Sex
Young Leonardo Dicaprio (no, he is not a character and this is not a biography)
Young Beyonce Knowles (see above)
The Blues
Steel Guitars
Sassy Grandmas
Black Facts
Summer Summer Summer Time
Miscegenation (in my best Southern accent)
The South
Small Town Living

(this is so me right now...)