Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fred & George, Luke & Leia, Phil & Lil...Oh Yeah, IT'S TWINS!

Yes, you read that right!  We are having twins!  
 Clomid is a hell of a drug!

As I mentioned before, through time, God and, modern medicine we were able to battle PCOS and get pregnant.  One of the drugs we used, clomid, increases the risk of multiples by maturing more than one follicle (i.e baby egg) per cycle.  Several eggs matured, three were fertilized with what DH likes to call his "super sperm" and two little parasites planted themselves in my uterus and ipso facto, boom, pow, bam, we are going to have two bambinos come June (but more than likely May) 2013!

So in celebration of my double whammy, I am counting down my top ten all time favorite twins of...ALL TIME!  Feel free to chime in with your favorites.

10.  White Haired Matrix Twins
Creepy white dreadlocks + The ability to move through solid objects x 2 = Awesome!

9. Patty and Selma, The Simpsons
Chain smoking and insulting...both are women that only her twin (and me) could love.

8. Julius and Vincent Benedict, Twins
I know this movie was terrible, but Danny DeVito cracks me up.  If I have boys, I hope they come out looking a little bit more alike than these two.

7. Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, Sweet Valley High Series
I loved these books growing up.  Maybe I'll write a series about my twins (fingers crossed for girls!)
6. Tia and Tamera, Sister, Sister
Sooo...I have to admit that I LOVE their reality show on E!  I just love them to death and I hope my twins are just as talented and beautiful as these girls.  Don't hate.  I know the show was corny, but you know you watched it too!

5. Dennis and Deandra Reynolds, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
What can I say...siblings that smoke crack together, stay together (when they aren't trying to destroy one another).

4. Phil and Lil Deville, Rugrats
Phil and Lil were always causing trouble.  I am definitely going to find some episodes of this show to play for my kids.
3. Phoebe and Ursula Buffay, Friends
I loved the fact that Phoebe had an evil twin.  But, Phoebe was my favorite Friends character anyway, so two of her was even better (no matter how crazy Ursula was).

2. Luke and Leia, Star Wars
Ok, this is totally for DH as Star Wars is one of his all time favorites.  I do like the fact that both of them kick ass in the series, so they deserve a spot on my list.  Although that kiss still grosses me out.

1. Fred and George Weasley, Harry Potter Series
What can I say, I am a certified Pot-head!  Fred and George were two of my favorite characters from the book and deserve the number one spot just for terrorizing Prof. Umbridge.

That is my list.  I cannot wait to meet our twins.  They are destined to be number one (at least in our eyes).
Who are your all time favorite twins of all time?